Free 5-Day Blog Income Challenge

Find Your

Blog Income Advantage

(Even if you don't have tons of Traffic and a massive Email List)

You know how to make money blogging don't you?

You’ve read millions of Blog posts, downloaded a hundred freebies, maybe you’ve even spent actual dollars on the course that was meant to show you the exact formula for making megabucks (though honestly, any bucks would be good right now!)

You know the process…

  • Get a Domain
  • Install WordPress
  • Buy a Fancy Theme
  • Publish a load of posts
  • Add affiliate links everywhere
  • Get loads of traffic
  • Start an email list
  • Create your 'signature' course....
  • ... and become a millionaire!

It’s the same process that every single ‘Start a Blog’ course takes you through.

So why isn’t it working for you?

Why are you still stuck with next to no income from your Blog?

Is your Blog destined to never make money?

Join us in the Blog Income Advantage Challenge and discover...

  • How to sell exactly what your audience wants
  • How to improve subscriber and sales conversions
  • How to add value. So your audience is happy to pay more
  • How to add another income source without doubling your workload
  • How to make more money by working smarter, not harder!

Get your hands on...

  • 5 Days of actionable advice you can implement right now
  • Downloadable cheat sheets you can keep and refer back to again and again
  • Real life examples from real life Blogs
  • Plus an extra special Bonus only for challenge participants

Hi, I’m Laura by the way! I’m a Blogger and a Mum and I’ve been an online entrepreneur for 15 years (wow, that makes me feel old!) It’s my mission to get you focusing on what really matters so you can make strategic decisions that will actually grow your Blog income.

I see so many Bloggers desperately searching for advice on how to make more money with their Blogs. But they’re asking the wrong questions. It’s like watching someone panicking about the colour of their shoes before they even know if if they should be wearing high heels or hiking boots! 

So that’s why I created this challenge. So you can get the answers you really need to get your Blog making more money, with less effort. 

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